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Title: immortals
Fandom: VIXX (AU, !vampire)
Pairing: hyuk/ken, hongbin/ravi, n/leo
Word count: 653
Rating: PG
A/N: this is a very small little epilogue for vamp au, it is not mandatory reading, more for the crowd of people who want a bit more closure. i know not everyone might, and be warned this is very. floof. so.

Taekwoon was heavily warm against Hakyeon’s sideCollapse )
Title: help my lifeless frame to breathe
Fandom: VIXX (AU, !vampire)
Pairing: hyuk/ken, mentions of hongbin/ravi and ilhoon/hyunsik
Word count: 12,700
Rating: R (for swearing and graphic violence/torture)
Summary: The sunburst on his back was fire on his skin, and when the hand fell on his right forearm, fingers digging in painfully, his wards went off, shimmering out of him in a wave of energy he felt down to his toes.

The hand didn’t let go.
A/N: HOW HAS IT BEEN ALMOST A MONTH SINCE I LAST UPDATEDDDD i am sorry :c pls enjoy this update. pls do not cry too much (jk pls cry all the tears they feed my soul).

rara wrote quite a few chunks of this, as usual, so thank you bb ;u;

Sanghyuk stepped out of the bathroom, steam wafting out behind him in thick plumes.Collapse )