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Super Junior

The Art Of Daring {various pairings; girls!AU; PG-13; 4 parts}
The others considered this for a few minutes; Heechul was the first to speak. "That's boring," she said, and smirked slowly, looking so devilish that Eeteuk moaned in fearful anticipation. "You know what would make it more exciting? If you had to kiss the object of your affection."

Fingertips {various pairings; mutant!AU; PG-13; 23 parts}
At the Soo Man Academy for Gifted Individuals, those with mutant powers are taught how to control their gifts. Hankyung has come to learn to control something he doesn't consider a gift, but rather a curse, and he wants nothing else from the school, certainly not friendship, but then, his life has never gone how he wanted it.

Boys' Generation {various pairings; genderswitch; PG-13; 3 parts (2; 3)}
Super Junior turn into girls one after another

Timeless {Hankyung/Heechul; dystopia future!AU; R; 5 parts}
Heechul has just had the worst day ever, in the world. Honestly, he doesn't think that it could possibly get worse than this. That, however, is something that he'll come to regret articulating when he ends up a long way from home, in a world where life is a fight for survival.

Run {Hankyung/Heechul; run!AU; R; 13 parts}
Hankyung and Heechul have been living together for four years now, and their relationship seems pretty much perfect. However, Hankyung has more skeletons in his closet than he has let on, and now his past is about to rear its ugly head in the worst way possible. The thing about lies is that they're remarkably difficult to ignore.

High Techology {various pairings; cyberpunk!AU; PG-13; 20 parts}
The micro-chips let the government keep tabs on your every move; the video cameras let the government know when they need to start paying attention. Get rid of the chip in the back of your brain and you can slip under the radar, and do whatever the hell you like. It's not like they're the bad guys, but it's not like they're the good guys, either.

In The Family Business {Siwon/Sungmin; mafia son!AU; PG-13; on-going}
Note to self, Siwon thinks weakly. Do a background check on the random guys you ask out next time.

one shots
It's (Only) You {Yehsung/Ryeowook; PG; 1,745 words}
No one else understood quite why Ryeowook would have done anything for Yehsung, but it was because he was in love.

Breathe In, Breathe Out {Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; college!AU; PG-13; 2,053 words}
You wearing Zhou Mi's clothes is like some cutesy thing, like you're so much of a couple that you've morphed into one person.

cutting diamonds and fixing metaphors {Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul; R; 1,154 words}
sometimes they joke to one another maybe we're having a sexual crisis and they mean it as a joke but it's so close to the truth -- or more, is the truth -- that it's slightly uncomfortable

Damn You Look Good and I’m (Not) Drunk {Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul; corrupted hs!AU; NC-17; 10,237}
Heechul was just as ridiculous as Siwon had been lead to believe, but Siwon was increasingly finding that he just didn’t care. Heechul certainly didn’t care.

Nature Hates Us {Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul; PG-13; 3,137 words}
It's Heechul's birthday and Siwon has a holiday booked.

Sugar and Sunshine {Hankyung/Sungmin; PG; 2,616 words}
Hankyung has only ever slept in the same bed as three other people. He thinks he likes it best with Sungmin.

first love, first kiss, first sight {Siwon/Hankyung; !AU; PG; 1,860 words}
Han Geng has only been in love three times before -- he's never fell so hard, so fast.

Smoke on the Water {Hankyung/Heechul; noir!AU; R; 6,666 words}
Hankyung sits in his office, feet propped up against the wide windowsill as he watches yet another sunset fade out over the metallic sheen of the city.

Sin Is As Sin Does {Hankyung/Heechul; R; 1655 words}
The third time, he's standing at the side of the stage and he's jealous, there's no doubt about it any more.

in arms we find salvation {Hankyung/Heechul; rockstar!AU; NC-17; 2,265 words}
Heechul lAUghs. The sound makes Hankyung's heart shatter all over again and he knows that he's living.

5 things Heechul stole from Hankyung {Hankyung/Heechul; PG-13; 2,944}
"He stole my CD," says Hankyung.

"Learn to share," says Heechul, tutting at him.

don't forget my morning after pill, i left it in your ashtray {Hankyung/Heechul; PG-13; 2,444 words}
Help, he texts Sungmin. what did i do last night?

it's not what you did, is Sungmin's too-fast reply, but who. Heechul stares.

sorry sorry sorry sorry, I don't care about the consequences {Hankyung/Heechul; PG-13; 2,040 words}
Hankyung props his head up, chin resting against the palm of his hand. "The fun has gone out of drinking," he whines. "I want to be about to see, Heechul."

Onto Your Scent {Hankyung/Heechul; PG; 1,790 words}
There is an Argument in the departures lounge. Hankyung sinks lower and lower in his seat and tries to act like he's not with them. Like, at all.

It's a Girl Girl Thing {Hankyung/Heechul; girls!AU; NC-17; 1844 words}
No one even notices when Hankyung shifts Heechul from sitting on her lap to in between her legs, her back to Hankyung's chest.

5 times Hanchul had cliche sex {Hankyung/Heechul; R; 1,516 words}
5 times Hanchul had sex in places that made jeny scream "BACTERIA."

Navigate Me {Hankyung/Heechul; gang!AU; NC-17; 2,230 words}
Heechul is painting his toenails when Hankyung arrives. "Hey, baby," he says cheerfully.

this room is a cage (it protects me from you) {Hankyung/Heechul; wing!AU; PG-13; 6,022 words}
The man sitting on the bed isn't Hankyung's first alternative project, but he's the first one to have wings.

the constant drumming {Hankyung/Heechul; R; 1,481 words}
It's been two years, three months and a day since he last spent the night in the same bed as Heechul, and right now the only way out that he can see is to go mad
himself, and believe him, he thinks he's on his way.

Raising Flags {Hankyung/Heechul; PG-13; 8,607 words}
Two weeks later, Heechul recieved an e-mail from an address he didn't know, and opened it to realise that at some point, Sungmin had signed him up to an online dating site.

Guilty Pleasure {Hankyung/Heechul, Kyuhyun/Sungmin; rockband!AU; NC-17; 8,156 words}
United Inc. is the biggest rock act to come out of South Korea. They are new and unique and they're just sort of riding on their success lAUghing at the world.

i'll eat you up (so yum yum) {Hankyung/Heechul, Siwon/Sungmin; restAUrant!AU; NC-17; 7,181 words}
Their problem is that they facilitate each other, so when Sungmin points through the window of the grubby looking Chinese place, and says; "OH MY GOD HE IS SO GORGEOUS," Heechul says something about getting a closer look and they go in.

I Don't Like FAUx-Punk-Rock Singers (tell me why) {Hankyung/Heechul, Siwon/Sungmin; bodyguard!AU; R; 3,392 words}
When Hankyung told Heechul that in his very professional opinion, there was honestly no reason for him to not attend the party being held by an old friend who had also gone into singing, Hankyung had been talking mostly about mobs of fans and mobs of anti-fans and people who Heechul had spurned and general nutcases. Hankyung had completely and utterly forgotten to factor in the possibility of Lee Sungmin being there.

Hot Mess {Hankyung/Heechul, Siwon/Sungmin; PG-13; 1,038}
Sungmin has a bottle of vodka in one hand, and a carton of orange juice in the other. He vaguely recalls something about needing to mix it together, but he's not paying much attention to that.

need is different than want {Siwon/Sungmin; mafia!AU; R; 3,234 words}
In the end, all Siwon asks for is Sungmin's gratitude.

you are my possession {Siwon/Sungmin; NC-17; 1,966 words}
After seeing Sungmin and Heechul kiss on stage, something inside of Siwon snaps.

Tonight (I'm Fucking You) {Siwon/Sungmin; NC-17; 2,155 words}
Next time Siwon's hand slides down to the curve of his back, Sungmin reaches back, cover his hand with his own and breaks the kiss to ask, "Do you want to see?"

torture chamber {Siwon/Sungmin; gang!AU; NC-17; 1,788 words}
No one can see inside the interrogation room and the guy that they've got tied to the chair is gorgeous, one of the finest specimens of man Sungmin has ever laid eyes on, even with the blood drying by the side of his mouth and one eye kind of swollen.

Missing Information {Siwon/Sungmin; !AU; PG-13; 5,616 words}
"No, that's not what I mean," Henry said. "I mean, yes, that is another reason, but seriously, ge. You can't just crash someone's wedding."

But What About Fezzes? {Siwon/Sungmin; doctor who!AU; PG-13; 5,371 words}
Siwon was jogging through the park early one morning when the blue box dropped out of the sky and narrowly missed the duck pond.

Quicksand {Siwon/Sungmin; college!AU; NC-17; 4,143 words}
Siwon stood in the shower, murmuring chemical formations to himself, and was surprised out of this five minutes later by a soft chuckle and a voice saying, “Siwon?”

Ding Dong Merrily On High (The Suju Dorm Is Crying) {bandfic; PG; 1,135 words}
"Ryeowook!" shrieked Heechul, vanishing through the door at top speed. "Ryeowook, get here now and tell me what part of Donghae and cooker seemed like a good idea to you!"

the kids are all fucked up {various pairings; gang!AU; R; 5,000 words}
His grin at the person who comes to leave him food is positively manic. It keeps them from taking him too seriously.


只想爱你 (Just Want To Love You) {Hankyung/Heechul; PG; 834 words}
You watch him sometimes, and wonder what he’d do if you –

you're not going to like this {Kyuhyun/Sungmin; hs!AU; PG; 412 words}
Siwon the magical rainbow unicorn

marking your territory {Hankyung/Heechul; PG; 400 words}
Heechul's fingertips are soft against the skin of his cheeks, and then he's slipping the mask over Hankyung's nose and over his mouth, and he's lAUghing, so Hankyung lAUghs back.

sunshine in my eyes {Yehsung/Ryeowook; PG; 300 words}
Ryeowook only ever manages too big and too thin and sometimes he fears that he will slide out of existence

you look like a something {Kibum/Donghae; PG; 200 words}
"You look like a sleaze," says Donghae cheerfully.

5 times Hanchul actually tried to be subtle (or had some damn good excuses) {Hankyung/Heechul; PG; 835 words}
Hankyung blinks at them becAUse he doesn't understand most of the rant. Heechul blinks at them becAUse he's being obnoxious.

i know, i love you too {Hankyung/Heechul; PG; 814 words}
he knows how terrified you are of dying and yet you've never told him that you would die for him.

china {Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; PG; 465 words}
Kyuhyun's thoughts on China and Zhou Mi

grass is always greener {Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul; PG-13; 502 words}
Siwon has always known that he's not their favourite. Hankyung knows he's not good enough. Heechul is tired of being jealous.

toe the line {Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; PG; 524 words}
zhou mi always smiles harder when kyuhyun's around.

butterfly effect {Hankyung/Heechul; PG; 652 words}
he defended himself best by keeping people at bay. don't get too close, don't get too involved; be an entertainer, not a friend. be a member of super junior, don't be a part of super junior.

language of computing {Hankyung/Heechul; university!AU; PG; 913 words}
He's studying for his language of computing exam tomorrow, bent over a textbook. Hankyung knocks lightly at the door and says, "Heechul."

air and angels {Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul; PG; 880 words}
Heechul's lAUghter sounds, just on the edges of familiarity, he hasn't heard it in far too long, and he sees Hankyung's head turn, just slightly, in their direction.

you're a dick {Hankyung/Heechul; PG-13; 507 words}
Fan accounts claim that he started bawling when the fans in front of him opened a Hankyung light board

in my eyes a perfect profile {Siwon/Donghae; PG; 533 words}
Donghae's jaw is distracting him.

aim no roos ai laik tuparry less get dron inyo furari~ (or, Kyuhyun Hates His Life Like Cherry Cherry Boom Boom) {Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; PG-13; 902 words}
Zhou Mi runs into the room, still squealing in a high pitched only-dogs-can-hear-this tone about something about a bad Roman and the noise a baby makes and card games.


s-c-a-n-d to the a, to the l-o-u-s {Kangin/Eeteuk; PG-13; 1,597 words}
Go to the barman and drop the name Lee Soo Man into conversation, and he will lead you up a flight of stairs in the back. From there lies the largest male brothel in the whole of Seoul.

red room {Hankyung/Heechul; NC-17; 2,444 words}
Heechul feels a spark run through him; it's been a good night, but it's about to get better. Hankyung hasn't been around for a while, something Heechul is going to make him pay for

Family Politics {Siwon/Sungmin; kids!AU; PG-13; 3,342 words}
Siwon's mother calls him out becAUse she has "news". This could be anything from gossip about his old neighbours, to news that his grandmother is dying, so he doesn't really know what to expect.

Santa Baby {Siwon/Sungmin; kids!AU; PG-13; 5,669 words}
"It's just shopping for presents," he says, which is how, half an hour later, they find themselves standing in an aisle in Toys R Us, surrounded by so much pink that even Sungmin looks vaguely unsure.

Yellow Plastic Happiness {Siwon/Sungmin; kids!AU; PG; 4,185 words}
Apparently the sledge is something that every kid has to own. Siwon doesn't remember ever having a yellow plastic monstrosity to go careening down a hill on, but Sungmin just says that says a lot about Siwon's childhood then.

Lights, Camera, Action {Siwon/Sungmin, kids!AU; PG; 1,029 words}
The camera flashes in Sungmin's periphery, a spark of light that blinds a tiny part of his vision for a second. When he looks up, Siwon's holding a digital camera to shoulder height and grinning at him.

Wonderland {Siwon/Sungmin; kids!AU; NC-17; 3,841 words}
The wine must be going to his head. That must be the only reason he can think of for the way he just pulled Sungmin’s wine glass out of his hand and kissed him.

Clarity {Siwon/Sungmin; kids!AU; PG-13; 1,875 words}
If you ask Siwon, he can think of better ways to spend his Saturday afternoon than building a desk for the living room.

Brotherly Love {implied Siwon/Donghae; run!AU; PG; 1,028 words}
Donghae learns that letting your little sister know your secrets can lead to a lifetime of trouble.

I won't stop falling like raindrops {Hankyung/Heechul; PG-13; 859 words}
Curious, Hankyung walks into the room, Han-mi still cradled in his arms. He almost drops her when he realises that Heechul is crying.


management pays super junior's phone bills {bandfic; text message fic}
The text messages passed between Super Junior in one day.

management does not, however, pay for super junior's alcohol {bandfic; text message fic}
Sungmin throws an impromtu party; Super Junior text each other.

brb, fucking {bandfic; chat log fic}
5 times having the group meeting via msn was a Bad Idea



There's Something About Jinki {Minho/Onew, Jonghyun/Key; PG; 3 parts (part 2; part 3)}
Onew really doesn't understand what Choi Minho, football captain, loved by the student body as a whole, is doing talking to him, but he'd quite like him to stop. Being the butt of someone's joke was never the point of Onew's high school career.

Illegal or Just Immoral: A Study by Kim Jonghyun (Jonghyun/Key; PG-13; 3 parts}
ou're blackmailing him?" Jinki asked. "Isn't blackmailing wrong?"

"Not when you've got the class president doing your Math homework," Jonghyun said in a sing-song tone, swinging in a circle on Jinki's deskchair.

Fingertips {various pairings; mutant!AU; PG-13; ongoing}
As the son of two of the most famous mutant rights activists of the past decade, Taemin knows he's under a lot of pressure to live up to his legacy. Unfortunately for him, there's one problem: as far as he can tell, he doesn't have any powers.

one shots

Talk Play Love {bandfic; PG; 1,001 words}
Sometimes he thinks that he was born to do this more than he was born to perform on stage. Born to be the one who keeps them in check.

5 Times Key Hated Onew {Jonghyun/Key; PG-13; 2,628 words}
Key thinks that Onew is going to use the pictures to blackmail them. Jonghyun thinks that Onew is either a closet pervert, or has run out of money to buy his own porn. Either way, they want the pictures back.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall {Jonghyun/Key; PG; 1,193 words}
5 times Jongkey were Disney films

New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down {Jonghyun/Key; PG-13; 5,205 words}
After two years apart, it's amazing how easy it is to fall back into the old routines of being best friends. The thing is, Jonghyun isn't here to be Key's best friend again.

you gonna get into my ride, right? {Jonghyun/Key; NC-17; 2,183 words}
"You look completely stupid. You know what this car screams? This car screams either of a height complex or a size complex."

Like a Ninja {Jonghyun/Key; PG-13; 1,558 words}
Four times Jonghyun tried to kiss Key in public, and the one time he managed it.

So I Can't Stop Loving Girls {Jonghyun/Key; PG-13; 1,607 words}
Jinki won't stop hyperventilating. "Guys," he keeps spluttering, "guys, Kibum has turned into a girl."

Get It On {Jonghyun/Sekyung; PG; 1,150 words}
Taemin just wondered out loud if it was possible to explode from sheer joy, and they'd all had to seriously contemplate it as Jonghyun skipped from the kitchen to his bedroom

Baseless Desires {Jonghyun/Minho/Key, Minho/Taemin; dorian grey!AU; R; 12,300 words}

Summary: It's his mother's idea to lock Junghee away after her legs twist around the wrong way. They tell everyone she died, there's a short period of mourning, and then everyone moves onto more pressing matters, like the youngest Park dAUghter, who ran off and eloped with one of the servants.

Breathe Slow {Minho/Key; PG-13; 1,284 words}
When he gets to the street, he realises that he's left his phone and wallet in Minho's apartment.

Leaving Fingerprints on Something Innocent {Onew/Taemin; NC-17; 2,700 words}
There was no one else around, no one else to see the way Taemin slid his hands around his jaw and watched him, the way Onew's eyes moved down to Taemin's mouth, then his tongue coming out to wet his bottom lip. No one else around to hear the way Taemin murmured, "Hyung."

I Wanna Play The Game {Onew/Taemin; !AU; NC-17; 4,134 words}
Taemin cheats at Monopoly. Onew is convinced of it.

Nice Legs, Daisy Dukes {Onew/Minho; PG-13; 1,894 words}
The problem, as they soon come to find out, is that Jinki thinks that becAUse he dealt with Kibum turning into a girl, he somehow knows how to deal with Minho turning into a girl.

Alternative Advances {Onew/Minho; PG-13; 11,148 words}
One week later, Onew had ruined another Ralph LAUren shirt, spilled iodine solution on Minho's levis, and, just now, had splashed ink onto his face and managed to get it in his eye.

we can’t punch ourselves awake {Jonghyun/Onew; !AU; PG-13; 1,723 words}
How could this be insignificant when it felt like it overshadowed the entire world? These feelings that he felt when he saw the sunlight turn a certain patch of skin at Jonghyun’s knees almost golden – they seemed too much for one person to hold inside them.


Curtain Drawn {Jonghyun/Key; wing!AU; PG; 963 words}
For a short while, with television and almost cold Chinese food, things seem to be a little more normal.


Friendly Vampire {Hoya/Dongwoo; NC-17; 3,305 words}
Hoya's wearing his animal pajamas, becAUse it was easier to just be a tiger, and Dongwoo keeps draping the cloak over his face like they're playing peek-a-boo.


one shots

Material Girl {various pairings; NYC!AU; PG, 13,972 words}
For most of his life, Lu Han had belonged to a certain subgroup of society, which Minseok referred to as “the extremely well-off” and which Sehun called “a bunch of rich fucks being twits”.

tell me you're not miserable {various pairings; delinquent!AU; PG-13; 16,671 words}
There are two high schools that serve the town Kris lives in: K High, which serves the well-to-do area of town, and M High, where the rest of the kids are shipped off to. In an attempt at fixing the problems at M High, the school administration decides to pilot a scheme where some of the K High students are transferred in. Kris didn’t think that the school administration had really thought this plan through remarkably well.

Make Me Your Maria (I'm Already On My Knees) {Suho/Chen; NC-17; 997 words}
"Your mouth is pretty too," Junmyeon said, shakily zooming in on Jongdae's smile. It gave him an idea.

electric heart {Kai/Kyungsoo; Chobits!AU; PG-13; 15,395 words; DISCONTINUED}
Kyungsoo finds a Persocom in the trash and, against his better judgement, takes it home (because Jongdae is a bad friend and a terrible enabler).



Zodiac {various pairings; zodiac!AU; PG-13; multi-chaptered; on-going}
"The Oracle has seen the twelve united. War is coming to the Nations. We must prepare for battle."

Summer Children {Kai/Kyungsoo; NC-17; on-going; currently 39,800 words}
Kyungsoo leaves the Earth Nation to fight in a war. He meets a really stupid boy along the way (aka the kaisoo sidestory that goes alongside Zodiac).


Spin The Bottle {various pairings; R; 11,841 words}
“This is a drag,” Lu Han moaned. She sat upright. “We should play a game! That’s a good way to get to know each other. I'm thinking spin the bottle!”

i don't need a man {Tao/Sehun; NC-17; 1,840 words}
Sehun skips her art class, texting Zitao as she makes her way to the bleachers. She's about halfway through her first cigarette when Zitao turns up.

bubblegum b-i-t-c-h {various pairings; PG; 1,568 words}
In which Sehun punches unsuspecting dickbags in their dicks.

Experimental Game {Minseok/Luhan/Yixing; NC-17; 4,201 words}
"Yixing’s been really stressed out recently, I was going to, you know. Help her relax. I figure the two of us can do that better than just one of us. So what do you think?”

Buttons {Kris/Baekhyun; NC-17; 4,149 words}
Considering it had only been a week since Baekhyun had seen Kris, she really didn’t think the way he currently looked was acceptable in any way.

knock me off my feet {Kris/Baekhyun; PG-13; 4,457 words}
When Kris suggested that they go bowling, Baekhyun had, at first, thought he was joking.


swallow my sugar kiss {Kai/Luhan; NC-17; 3,258 words}
Kai much preferred fucking someone who knew how to scream his name. He supposed that was why he liked fucking Luhan so much.

my submission is your addiction {Suho/Chen; NC-17; 5,386 words}
Suho had picked Chen up from one of the lesser known dealers down on the south side.

let me break the ice {Kai/Luhan; R; 5,914 words}
The first time Kai saw Luhan was at Chanyeol's twentieth Name Day party.

wait 'till you're really afraid {Suho/Chen; R; 3,425 words}
The party was being held by the head of the Treasury, a tall skinny man who Kai had nicknamed “The Stick Insect” a few years earlier.

one more time {Kris/Tao; NC-17; 4,255 words}
Tao wasn't Kris's only toy, but he was definitely his favorite.

taste of a poison paradise {Kai/Luhan; NC-17; 4,560 words}
Luhan does well in his writing lesson so Kai rewards him.

the sweetest thing {Chanyeol/Baekhyun; NC-17; 3,535 words}
After a couple of seconds, Baekhyun appeared in the archway, his eyes widening a second as he took in Chanyeol in the bathtub, before he dropped his gaze to the floor.

in the quicksand {Xiumin/Yixing; NC-17; 8,831 words}
The last thing Minseok had ever expected was to be entering Kris’s house with the intent of buying one of his toys.

I can’t wait for you to shut me up {Suho/Chen; R; 2,200 words}
Suho really, really needed to stop bringing Chen to these parties until he was absolutely sure he would behave.

bend and (not) break {Suho/Chen; PG-13; 7,867 words}
Luhan looked up to see a strange man he’d never seen nor noticed before standing over them. He wouldn't have given him a second glance. Chen started to tremble, going so white so quickly that Luhan was suddenly alarmed that he was going to faint.

there’s joy not far from here (right?) {Suho/Chen; PG-13; 3,893 words}
Chen was dressed in loose linen pants and, unusually, a white shirt which he’d tucked haphazardly into his pants. It made him look quite young.

feel this moment {Suho/Chen; NC-17; 6,387 words}
"I wanted to prove that you’re not weak. It’s bad, if they say you’re weak, I know that. I wanted to show them that I can be good, that I can be a good toy for you."


in for the kill {Kris/Baekhyun; NC-17; 5,517 words}
Baekhyun knew his pack was in trouble when they found the bleeding tree.

run and hide (from my embrace) {Tao/Sehun; NC-17; 3,785 words}
Sehun drew in a shuddering breath. “Why don’t you?” he whispered. “If you want to claim me, why haven’t you already?”


fantasy (courtesy of me) {Leo/Hakyeon; NC-17; 3,189 words}
Hakyeon made a face in the mirror, using his pinky to wipe off some errant gloss, and then turned to flounce over to the couch, his small heels clicking against the linoleum floor.


my head's underwater (but I'm breathing fine) {Leo/Hakyeon, past Ravi/Hongbin; NC-17; 36,907 words}
Hakyeon was the best vampire hunter for fifty square miles, but a hunt gone awry and a taciturn vampire named Taekwoon change everything.

you're crazy (and i'm out of my mind) {Ravi/Hongbin; R; 14,060 words}
Wonshik will always regret not being able to tell Hongbin he loved him more.

morning light {Leo/Hakyeon; NC-17; 4,066 words}
The streetlamps flickered off as the sun finally broke over the horizon, turning the sky golden. Hakyeon stopped to watch it come up, thinking about the past few nights, about Taekwoon.

drown {Ravi/Hongbin, Leo/Hakyeon; R; 18,166 words}
Wonshik should have known that he could sew himself back together all he wanted, but that didn't mean the lightest of tugs wouldn't send him to pieces again.

monsters {Ravi/Hongbin, Leo/Hakyeon; R; 12,929 words}
Hakyeon picks up the pieces of Wonshik's mess.

child of light {Leo/Hakyeon; R; 10,800 words}
Hakyeon has a plan, but the rest of the world doesn’t seem willing to go along with it.

beating heart {Leo/Hakyeon; NC-17; 10,562 words}
Sanghyuk paused for a moment and then asked, as delicately as possible, “Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?”

my blood {Leo/Hakyeon, Ravi/Hongbin; R; 7,159 words}
"This was a mistake," Hakyeon said.

shatter me {Leo/Hakyeon; R; 4,584 words}
"Finally up?" Wonshik asked, intent on getting Hongbin a bag of blood. "I suppose you're hungry."

eternity (a beginning) {Leo/Hakyeon, Ravi/Hongbin; R; 7,588 words}
Hongbin looked up at Wonshik, utter horror written across his features, and Wonshik felt like a monster. "No," Hongbin gasped. "No, no I can't—"

Howl {Ken/Hyuk; NC-17; 19,674 words}
Sanghyuk didn't think it was wrong to be intrigued by someone wanting him, even if that person was a centuries old vampire.

poison {Leo/Hakyeon; R; 4,272 words}
Sanghyuk struggles to cope with the aftermath of his encounter with Jaehwan and Hakyeon's meddling isn't helping.

Mercy {Ken/Hyuk; NC-17; 8,463 words; DUBCON}
Sanghyuk knew that he needed to put a stop to this. He'd even made flashcards of all the reasons as to why.

ashes {Leo/Hakyeon, Ravi/Hongbin, Ken/Hyuk; R; 13,679 words}
Sanghyuk wished things had gone differently.

warriors {Leo/Hakyeon, Ravi/Hongbin, Ken/Hyuk; NC-17; 14,008 words}
“Sanghyuk filed for termination of your mentorship.”

clarity {Leo/Hakyeon; R; 5,282 words}
Hakyeon ties up loose ends and says his goodbyes.

whisper {Leo/Hakyeon, Ravi/Hongbin, Ken/Hyuk; PG-13; 5,860 words}
Hakyeon looked between Hongbin and Wonshik, who were looking back at him curiously. He took a deep breath and said softly, “I quit hunting.”


pour yourself over me {Ken/Leo, implied Ravi/Hongbin; NC-17; 3,208 words}
Jaehwan turned and suddenly found himself looking up into Leo’s stony face. He’d moved from behind Jaehwan into his line of sight merely so he could glare at him, his eyes flashing just a little.

kill me with your touch {Ravi/Hongbin; NC-17; 3,171 words}
“I missed you,” Hongbin said. His hand came up to rest on Ravi’s thigh, his eyes looking up at him coyly. “I missed the way you touch me.”


[Infinite/Girl's Day] Pennies and Dimes {various pairings; PG; 14,229 words}
While Woohyun has had Sunggyu for a tutor for just four weeks, Sungyeol has been mentoring Sungjong since the start of the school year. Sungyeol has had this Thing for Sungjong for close to two months and he wasn’t entirely sure that Woohyun even knew who Sungjong was.

[Infinite] Glitter Bright {Sungyeol/Sungjong; PG; 1,841 words}
In which Sungyeol is out of Sungjong's league, Sungjong doesn't get it, Woohyun is a bit of a dick, and there are lesbian vampires.

[Infinite/B1A4] Bangkok City {Myungsoo/Shinwoo; PG-13; 1,838 words}
As far as Myungsoo was concerned, videos recorded during junior year at university should have been deleted at this stage.

[EXO] places that i could hide {Kai/Sehun; NC-17; 2,562 words}
“I don’t believe you,” Sehun says, giving Jongdae a suspicious look. “I think you’re having me on, there’s no way that could be a real thing.”


[DBSK] Femmeslash {Yunho/Jaejoong; PG; 638 words}
For a short while, with television and almost cold Chinese food, things seem to be a little more normal.

[SNSD/f(x)] Crushing (she's all that) {Jessica/Amber; !AU; PG-13; 5,057 words}
Krystal, it seemed, was super excited for this. "You'll love my sister," she gushed on the phone, the night before the party. Problem was, turned out that Amber really would.

[f(x)] Keep Smiling, They'll Never Catch On {Amber/Victoria; rockband!AU; PG-13; 3 parts (part 2; part 3)}
The Madcrushes are the biggest band in Asia right now, mainly due to the irresistable pull of their bassist, an Amber Liu. Victoria has never seen her or listened to her, so it's just her luck that she ends up on the front of every tabloid in a provocative entanglement with the girl. Now all she can do is smile for the paparazzi, and lie through her back teeth. Reputations can be destroyed in minutes, and lies have a canny knack for stabbing you in the back.

[SM Town] easy like Sunday morning {Amber/Victoria, Hankyung/Heechul, Jonghyun/Key; PG; 502 words}
The alarm blares at the end of the bed.

[SM Town/Fueled By Ramen] Smile For The Paparazzi {bandfic; R; 3,918 words}
Eeteuk looks out over the anarchy that his band has brought about. "How much will their silence cost?" he asks.

[SM Town] You Know You're A Crazy Cat Person When... {bandfic; PG; 1,768 words}
There is one really bad downside to having nine lives, and that is that you have to lose one of them before you realise it, and the thing about dying? It tends to hurt.

[2PM] it's totally just bromance {Taecyeon/Chansung; PG-13; 748 words}
"Dude, would you like, stop?" Chansung asks, the fifth time Taecyeon socks him in the shoulder in as many minutes.

[f(x)] my milkshake {bandfic; PG-13; 337 words}
Behind Sulli, Amber is feverishly switching her laptop on in order to buy the cheapest flight she can find to LA in order to grab Hankyung by the ear and drag him forcibly back to Korea.

[f(x)/Super Junior] Listen To My Heartbeat {Amber/Victoria, Hankyung/Heechul; vampire!AU; R; 10,579 words}
The Lord of the castle and his sister, the two who Heechul and Victoria had hopes of making their patrons, were supposedly great eccentrics. Rumours had plagued them for years, stories of incest and cruelty and repressed childhoods.

[f(x)/Super Junior] Diet Soda Kisses {Henry/Amber; college!AU; PG-13; 3,299 words}
Amber drinks beer like a pro, despite the fact that Henry is pretty sure she's underage.

[Running Man] Tailor Made {Gwangsu/Joongki; PG-13; 776 words}
He should have asked Gwangsu for his measurements, except that was creepy and intrusive and definitely not information you usually needed to know about a person who was just supposed to be a friend.
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