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EXO {Zodiac FAQ}

Here is the FAQ we mentioned a few chapters ago! You all had quite a lot of questions and many of them were very fun to mull over and answer. Some of these you may have seen answered on tumblr, but some are brand new.

We recommend reading the whole thing, since some of the questions intertwine and will be easier to understand if you start from the top and read it all from there. Also do be warned that this contains some (minor) spoilers for several of the previous chapters. So if you aren't caught up to chapter 12 yet, get on that first.

(About the authors and our writing process)

(About the world and nations in general)

(About the characters as well as specifics on Shifters and things the boys have encountered/endured)

(And lastly, a long explanation about why Shifters exist, mutant Shifters vs. normal Shifters, why Kai is so hated, and more on Oracles and Shadow Walkers)

And here's some links to a few questions Ela got on tumblr that she liked but didn't find relevant enough to put here and/or were too long:

Q: Can you tell us the kai/dragon backstory?
Q: Why is Suho so protective(?) over Xiumin? As in he cares for Xiumin a lot more than the other water Shifters?
Q: What exactly do you say drew Kai and Kyungsoo to each other amid all the Air Nation people?
Q: Is the dragon's ability similar to Luhan's in that they can read minds and sense the feelings of others?
Q: What are Kai's feelings towards Sehun and vice versa?
☆ Q: Why is the Oracle so overly protected? And why is Sehun so cold to him? part 1 /// part 2

And that's it (so far)! Ela actually got a ton of questions on tumblr but many of them were not relevant to the FAQ. If you want to troll through them they're all here, in her Zodiac tag.

If you have a question you want answered and/or put in the FAQ, leave a comment over on the main post we'll answer :D
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