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VIXX {n/leo ; beating heart (2/2)}

"Well that was a bust," Sanghyuk grumbled. He slid a sideways glance at Hakyeon, not breaking stride as the two of them walked over uneven concrete. "And a waste of eyeliner."

"Not a total waste," Hakyeon said. "You did get that guy's number."

"I do not want to date any ordinary human that actually goes out partying after dark. He's an idiot. They're all idiots."

Hakyeon pressed his lips together to keep from laughing.

HQ had instituted an experimental policy while Hakyeon and Sanghyuk were on suspension, which stated that hunters on fishing trips would have to go in twos, and were not to separate, even when they went into the clubs. They said it was because vamps were getting leery about attacking people who were, clearly, alone. Because really, ordinary people don't usually wander around by themselves at night. Hakyeon rather thought that two people made less of an appealing target than one, but then he also supposed that two ordinary humans were no more a match for a vampire than a person alone would be.

He knew it wasn't really about perfecting their hunting techniques anyway.

It was more hassle though, making two people up as bait instead of one. Sanghyuk still had baby fat, his broad nose contributing to his overall squishy image, and yet when he got all made up, it was like Hakyeon was seeing the shadow of some other person. Maybe he was projecting, seeing his younger self in Sanghyuk's smoky eyes, but he rather thought he was glimpsing what Sanghyuk was going to become. It was somewhat disconcerting, and he got a shock every night after he'd put the last finishing touches on.

For all that HQ said the new method was working fine, this was their third night back on the job, their third night fishing as a pair, and the third night that absolutely nothing had happened. Sometimes, the chain around Hakyeon's neck would tingle, and he was glad for the monotony. At least it meant that whoever Kris had popping in to watch them wouldn't have anything at all exciting to report.

Tonight though, the chain was silent. No one was following them, neither friend nor foe.

Hakyeon's amulet pinged at him, a forlorn little sound, and Hakyeon sighed. It was an intuitive little thing. It seemed to miss Taekwoon just as much as Hakyeon did. He'd promised himself he'd wait at least a week, to be safe, but fuck, he felt nearly sick with longing. At least when they'd been on suspension, Sanghyuk had been staying with him, taking up all his energy so he couldn't fucking pine. And with Kris's people watching them constantly Hakyeon had literally been unable to go see Taekwoon.

But now he had the freedom to seek his lover out, and he was waiting merely because it was what he should do. Hakyeon was never good at doing things simply because he should.

"Hakyeon," Sanghyuk called, and Hakyeon jolted, swivelling, finding Sanghyuk was no longer by his side. Instead, he was standing several paces behind. "Your car is right here." He gestured, and, yes, this was where Hakyeon had parked, a few blocks away from the club.

"Yes," Hakyeon said, at a loss for any witty reply, and Sanghyuk rolled his eyes.

As Hakyeon slid into the driver's seat, Sanghyuk said, "Maybe I should drive. You seem out of it."

"I don't like this car. In fact, I hate this car. Despite that, however, I would not put it through your awful driving."

Sanghyuk gave an indignant squawk.


By the time Hakyeon and Sanghyuk finished their paperwork for the night the sky was lightening, and as Hakyeon drove Sanghyuk home, the sun broke over the horizon. Sanghyuk sighed, happily, tipping his face up into the light, but for Hakyeon it was bittersweet. Daylight, come again, warm and safe and good, when all Hakyeon wanted was night, a long night, so he'd have time—

"You just passed my apartment," Sanghyuk said idly, and Hakyeon braked so hard that their seat belts locked when they jerked forward. "You could have made a u-turn but okay."

"I'm sorry," Hakyeon said. "I'm really sorry. I'll turn around."

"No, it's okay, I'll walk, it's only like fifty feet back, and it's daylight now. Only humans to worry about." He was looking at Hakyeon like he could see through him. "You've been so distracted, Hakyeon, maybe you should just—" He cut himself off, remembering where they were, that there were charms present, "just go home and rest a while. You could probably call off work tonight, since you could definitely use the sleep," he added the last part very casually, and Hakyeon smiled at him fondly.

"Maybe, we'll see how I feel later," Hakyeon said. "But yes, I'll go home now."

Sanghyuk got out of the car smoothly, and Hakyeon drove away. He really did go to his apartment, parked by the curb, even got out and headed for the stairs, but he couldn't go in. He couldn't go back to silence and sunlight.

It wasn't really home anymore anyway.

The streets came to life as Hakyeon walked, down blocks of bakeries, charm shops, cafes, and that one corner business that did people's taxes for them. As the sun crept away from the rooftops more and more people came out, ready and raring to get on with the day. A few people stared at him, this man dressed all in black with his smoky eyes and tousled hair, but none of them meant him any ill will. Hakyeon could feel the amulet and the chain swaying slightly under his shirt as he walked, and both were still calm.

Then he was in an alleyway, looking down at a very familiar grate. He cast his senses out, just to make sure, to be safe, and none of his wards picked up on anything. He was alone.

So he bent, pulled the grate up, and descended into the darkness.

He didn't have a flashlight on him. Why would he, he hadn't planned this. But it didn't matter, his owl eyes kicked in, so he could see the shapes of the walls and wouldn't run into them. As the sunlight faded completely they tingled, shifting his vision, not so much amplifying the minimal light as they were seeing for him, projecting the image of his surroundings right into his mind. He never liked that, it was weird, seeing but not with his eyes. But he'd deal with it. Fuck if he was going to pause to try and come up with a light source.

He positively wrenched the door to Taekwoon's place open. If he'd been a vampire, had their strength, it might have come off its hinges, but he was merely a human, and so it stood up to his rough treatment. It swung shut behind him with a resonating bang, and he half tripped as he tried to keep walking while tugging off his shoes, his socks.

He strode into the main living area, successfully barefoot. Taekwoon was sitting in up bed, his hair sticking up on one side, and he had a frozen expression on his face as he stared at Hakyeon, wide eyed. For a brief moment, Hakyeon stilled, so they could hold one another's gazes from across the room, Hakyeon feeling like the very breath had been stolen from his lungs. And then Taekwoon shifted, like he was going to get out of bed, and Hakyeon shot forward, saying breathlessly, "No, stay." Taekwoon stilled and then Hakyeon was there, clambering into bed with him and shoving him down onto his back. He lay atop Taekwoon's body, grasped his face in both hands, and kissed him.

Taekwoon gasped, breathing in deeply, like Hakyeon had pulled him from water. His hands moved from Hakyeon's shoulders to lightly touch his back, then his hips, fluttering gently over Hakyeon's body like he was confirming his solidity. Hakyeon sucked on Taekwoon's lower lip, worrying it a little between his blunt teeth, and Taekwoon gave a moan that was half a sob.

"I'm here, you're not dreaming," Hakyeon said, pulling away just enough so that he could frantically tear his shirt off over his head, push his jeans off his legs. Then he lay back on Taekwoon's body, skin to skin, and fuck but Taekwoon was so warm, so smooth, so perfect

"Vampires don't dream," Taekwoon whispered, reverently pushing Hakyeon's hair off his face then resting his hands against Hakyeon's cheeks. "But if I could dream, it would be of this." He met Hakyeon's eyes, unashamed, and Hakyeon found himself blushing.

Hakyeon turned his face so he could press a kiss to Taekwoon's palm. "They took the watch off me a few days ago, and I wanted to wait a week, give it some time, just to be safe, but I couldn't stay away from you any longer."

"Good," Taekwoon breathed, watching as Hakyeon poked his tongue out to lick lightly at Taekwoon's thumb. Taekwoon pressed his thumb past Hakyeon's parted lips, the pad of it resting against the silky heat of Hakyeon's tongue, and Hakyeon obligingly sucked on it lightly, knowing he looked good like this. He was made up to be vampire bait after all.

Taekwoon blinked, and his eyelids were slow to rise again, mouth fallen slightly open as if he was in a trance. "Hakyeon—" he began, ever so softly, but Hakyeon didn't want to hear it.

He moved so he could kiss the pad of Taekwoon's thumb. "I know it's daylight," he said, lips brushing Taekwoon's fingertip. He grasped Taekwoon's wrist, holding his hand steady so he could kiss the other four fingers lightly. "But I missed you, so fucking much."

"And I, you," Taekwoon murmured, "more than you'll ever know." Hakyeon blinked at Taekwoon, waiting, and watched as he sighed just slightly. "I'm weak at this time," he finally said, and Hakyeon smiled.

"I don't mind doing most of the work," Hakyeon said, shifting so their hips were aligned just so. Hakyeon was hard, had been hard since before he even walked into the apartment, and now Taekwoon was too, pressing hot against Hakyeon's thigh. Hakyeon rolled his hips down, and Taekwoon hissed, head tossing back. "I want you, so much. Let me show you."

"Mm," Taekwoon hummed, watching with half closed eyes as Hakyeon sat up, impatiently tossing the blankets away. He reached for the nightstand, fumbling, as only a human could, for the lube he'd stashed there.

Once he'd retrieved it he straddled Taekwoon's waist, frowning a little. This part was always such a hassle, and Taekwoon never let him rush it, but right now Taekwoon was too weak and sleepy to boss him around. He uncapped the lube and spread some on the fingers of his right hand, then let the little container drop to the bed so he could place his free left hand on Taekwoon's chest to steady himself. The whole while Taekwoon watched him silently, lips slightly parted, chest still.

"You haven't moved anything around at all," Hakyeon murmured as he reached behind himself, pressing his first two fingers into his opening, hissing at the burn.

Taekwoon frowned, gently touching Hakyeon's thighs, bracketed on either side of his hips. "Go slowly," he murmured, thumbs rubbing gently against the skin of Hakyeon's thighs. The skin was peppered by small, faint scars, marks from Taekwoon's teeth.

Hakyeon shook his head shortly, pumping his fingers in and out. He could feel sweat beginning to bead on his forehead, knew the tears at the corners of his eyes were making a mess of his eyeliner. "What have you been doing, these past few weeks? I've been— wondering— ah—" He scissored his fingers, jerking involuntarily, and Taekwoon's fingertips pressed into his thighs for a brief moment before he caught himself.

"I have been worried about you," Taekwoon murmured, face concerned. "Go slowly."

Hakyeon huffed out a breath in exasperation. "No, I've told you before, I don't mind a little roughness."

"I do," Taekwoon said simply, reaching up with one hand to gently grasp Hakyeon's cock, pressing his thumb to the precome beading at the tip, before dragging it down to rub lightly at the sensitive spot just under the head.

"You don't need to worry about me," Hakyeon whispered, struggling to hold himself still as Taekwoon continued to teasingly play with his cock. He worked a third finger into himself beside the first two, the sting of it grounding him, and he hissed. "You didn't answer my question."

"I've been here." Taekwoon was scowling now, not looking at Hakyeon's face. "Worrying, as I said."

Hakyeon stilled in his prep, then, blinking down at Taekwoon's face. "You mean you haven't left? It's been weeks."

Taekwoon hadn't stilled, was still agonizingly running his fingertips over Hakyeon's cock. "I knew if I went above ground the temptation to find you would be too much, and I made you a promise I did not want to break." He blinked slowly, sleepily, meeting Hakyeon's eyes once more. "So I remained here."

Hakyeon swallowed thickly. He pulled his fingers from himself, then braced his hands on either side of Taekwoon's head, leaning down to press a sweet kiss to the corner of Taekwoon's mouth. "You're ridiculous."

Taekwoon brought his hands to rest on Hakyeon's waist. "I love you," he replied. "I don't think you will ever understand the overwhelming sense of vulnerability I feel, loving something so fragile. I spend my days in terror, fearful that you will come to harm where I cannot help you, and then come night I will wait for your return, and wait, and you'll never come." In his tiredness he was rambling some, and Hakyeon's heart ached. He did understand, more than he cared to. Taekwoon gently touched the side of Hakyeon's face, his movements so slow. "You could be snatched away from me so easily."

"I'm here, you silly thing, I'm okay," Hakyeon said, voice scratchy with unshed tears. He kissed Taekwoon on the mouth, properly, long and slow and deep.

Hakyeon shifted downwards, just a little, so their hips were aligned properly. He placed one hand on Taekwoon's chest, palm flat, and with the other reached behind himself, not breaking the kiss. It was a little awkward, the angle, as he carefully positioned Taekwoon's cock, pressing the tip against his entrance. He had to break away, sit up some, to get the leverage he needed, and then he sank back, biting his bottom lip harshly as the tip of Taekwoon's cock pressed inside of him. He should have taken more time with prep, had tightened up in the weeks they'd been apart, but he just— he'd wanted this so badly—

He brought the hand he'd been using to guide Taekwoon's cock into himself to rest on Taekwoon's chest with his other hand, bracing, and then he sank down the rest of the way with a suddenness that left him breathless. Taekwoon actually gave a little cry, head tossing back, and with his mouth fallen open Hakyeon could see his fangs slide out. Hakyeon leaned down again, flicking his tongue past Taekwoon's parted lips so he could run his tongue along those pointed tips, razor sharp.

Taekwoon's hips juddered upwards, and Hakyeon hissed, his fingernails digging into the skin of Taekwoon's chest. He arched his back, sitting up and dragging his nails down Taekwoon's torso as he did so, over his nipples and the ridges of his abs, just to hear him whimper.

"So vocal when you're half asleep, so sweet," Hakyeon mumbled, bracing his hands behind himself, on Taekwoon's sturdy thighs. The position caused his back to arch prettily, and he let his head loll back, exposing the long line of his throat as he began to circle his hips, grinding down.

There was the lightest brush of Taekwoon's fingertips on Hakyeon's chest, before they were abruptly snatched away, presumably to clutch at the sheets instead. Hakyeon smiled, a little, clenching as he ground down, and Taewoon made a tiny, helpless noise.

"I missed those little noises," Hakyeon said, laughing breathlessly. "I missed the feeling of you inside me, the way you pant my name—"

"Ah," Taekwoon gasped. He was shuddering, presumably with the effort of holding still, his control unravelling. "Can you—"

"Yes," Hakyeon said, moving so he was leaning forward once more, bracing his hands against Taekwoon's shoulders to give himself some leverage. He could move now, properly, and he lifted himself up off Taekwoon's cock until only the tip was inside him, and then he sank back down, starting a rhythm.

"Oh," Taekwoon gasped, "oh." His hips stuttered, but he was too weak to keep up with Hakyeon's pace, for once their usual power dynamic switched. He blinked rapidly, his eyes glazed over, a hitch between his brows. "I can't— slow down—" He grasped at Hakyeon's hips, trying to control the pace, but he couldn't, not like this.

Hakyeon didn't stop, sped up a little, laughing breathlessly as Taekwoon moaned, the sound soft and broken. He grabbed Taekwoon's wrists and pressed them down to the mattress by Taekwoon's head. "Will you beg me?" Hakyeon panted, grinning, face only a few inches above Taekwoon's.

Taekwoon's eyes focused enough so that he could shoot Hakyeon a disgruntled glare. "Do not— tease me—" He choked when Hakyeon nipped at his bottom lip.

"You'll get me back," Hakyeon said simply, breath fanning over Taekwoon's face. "Come nightfall, you'll fuck me, over and over, making me come, first screaming, then sobbing. You'll make me beg for mercy, relentless, until all I can remember is your name, the feel of your skin against mine—" Hakyeon broke off with a breathy cry when Taekwoon rolled his hips upwards.

"Yes," Taekwoon whispered. "Yes, yes, yes—"

"I want to see you come," Hakyeon breathed. "Come inside me, so I can feel it, I've missed it so much, been fucking myself on my fingers imagining it was you for weeks—"

Taekwoon's eyes screwed shut, head tipping back a little as he grit his teeth. "Hakyeon," he gasped, the word catching on a sob. "Hakyeon—" His hips snapped upwards and he came, crying out more loudly than Hakyeon had thought his sweet, feathery voice could ever achieve. Hakyeon kept his rhythm up, even though his thighs were burning, wanting to watch Taekwoon lose it utterly. "Fuck, I— I can't— oh God—" A shudder ran through Taekwoon, his whole body jerking when Hakyeon clenched down on him. "Please—"

Hakyeon's legs gave way, and he let himself fall forward onto Taekwoon's chest, still circling his hips, grinding almost desperately. He bit at the shell of Taekwoon's ear, panting, "Bite me, please, Taekwoon, bite me—"

Taekwoon wrapped his arms around Hakyeon's middle and rolled them over, so he was pressing Hakyeon into the mattress, and Hakyeon made a surprised little noise. Then Taekwoon's mouth was on his neck, his fangs breaking the delicate skin as he rutted his hips forward, and Hakyeon gasped in surprise, coming in a heated rush, all the painful coiled tension leaving him as he exhaled. He cradled Taekwoon's head to him as he shuddered, his legs wrapping around Taekwoon's waist.

"I love you," Hakyeon whispered, feeling Taekwoon swallow as his cock twitched with aftershocks. "I'm so fucked, I love you too much—"

Taekwoon darted up to kiss Hakyeon, mouth slick with blood. Hakyeon licked himself off Taekwoon's lips, not caring if this was a hundred shades of fucked up. He ran his tongue over Taekwoon's teeth, those sharp canines making him shiver all over again.

When Hakyeon pulled away for air, panting heavily, Taekwoon flopped down, resting his head on Hakyeon's chest tiredly. "I'd say we should do that more often," Hakyeon muttered, "but I don't think I ever, ever, want to be parted from you again."

Taekwoon shook his head, exhaling, and Hakyeon felt his body go lax. They were still joined, and he could feel Taekwoon's cock growing soft inside him. It was a strangely intimate feeling. "I missed this," Taekwoon slurred.

"What?" Hakyeon said, laughing a little. "Sweaty, post-coitus cuddling?"

"Your heartbeat," Taekwoon whispered, and Hakyeon's hands, which had been carding through Taekwoon's hair, stilled. Taekwoon moved, so he could press a swift kiss to Hakyeon's sternum, before pressing his ear against Hakyeon's rib cage once more.

Hakyeon blinked up at the ceiling, feeling tears prick at his eyes, and he clutched Taekwoon to himself, like that would prevent the universe from tearing them apart.

1. title of this installment was inspired by the song of the same name by ellie goulding.
2. I am really sorry I suck so badly at replying to comments. I read them all, and they make my day brighter. I really can't express how much I appreciate all the support this au has received ♥
3. There will, hopefully, be another update tomorrow, around the same time of day~
Tags: au: vixx!vampire, pairing: n/leo, rating: nc-17
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