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Super Junior {bandfic ; Boys' Generation (2/3)}

Title: Boys' Generation (2/3)
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul, Kibum/Donghae, Siwon/Sungmin
Word count: 907
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 5 more times Super Junior turned into girls
A/N: Some of these were certainly easier than others. Kibum's characterization is all thanks to meiface, it's kind of like I asked "What wouldn't Kibum do as a girl?" and so she told me. We like the idea of Donghae being in control and Kibum having a girly crush on him, it amuses us. Hankyung is especially for civilized_era, who was super duper excited at the thought! lololol biases, I love them.

Boys' Generation (2/3)

Hankyung hates being a girl almost as much as Kangin did, but for totally different reasons. Everyone stares at her, all the time, and she doesn't really like the attention. It makes her feel weird, because what's the point of getting stared when she's a girl. She has curves, something missing from a few of the others, and she covers them up, because what the fuck, the staring really creeps her out! She shouldn't make such a good girl. The thing about Hankyung being a girl is that Heechul can grope her and not get weird looks, so Heechul does. All the time. Hankyung spends most of the transformation jumping five feet into the air with an undignified squeak.

"She still has rock thighs," says Heechul with a smirk, one hand on Hankyung's ass, the other creeping up the inside of her thigh.

At the very least, it's another two weeks in which Hankyung tricks herself into being straight.


The first thing Siwon does on turning into a girl is turn up at the dorms with a suitcase because she can't work out how to explain it to her parents. Siwon, again, gives a lot of people a complex, because she's taller than them, but Siwon also gives himself a complex, because as a guy, he thought it was wrong to look at a girl's body whom you aren't related or married to. Siwon can't look at herself. She stares straight ahead when she goes to the toilet and closes her eyes to shower. Sungmin takes this as a chance to introduce her to the wonders of shower sex under the pretence of 'helping her' and they end up in ER where Siwon needs three stiches in her head because Siwon, it turns out, is still heavier than Sungmin even as a girl.

"If you must," says Eeteuk wearily. "Just keep it in a bed, please? And that goes for all of you."

It takes a long, long time for Heechul to forgive the two of them for getting that rule put in place.


Henry can bend over and touch her toes. Henry thinks that it's all a hilarious joke, after she gets over the angry "I DID NOT JOIN THIS GROUP FOR THIS," stage. That stage actually lasts a long time, until someone lets slip that it's pretty much a done deal in the Korean music scene and that it would have happened even if she had joined SHINee, like she'd been muttering under her breath every ten seconds or so. Henry decides to make the most of it, so Henry bends over a lot and dances sexily a lot and can do the splits while she plays the violin but the problem is Henry gets hit on by guys and Henry isn't interested in guys. But that doesn't meant that Henry doesn't want to fuck with the minds of every guy around.

"I took Henry to a club last night," says Hankyung hoarsely. "And I think she left every guy there with an erection."

Henry's fun lasts right up until Kibum calls her a cocktease and slides his hand over her ass, at which point Donghae decides that Henry needs to turn back now.


Eeteuk spends five days as a girl, and all the managers agree that it's far too short a time, because everything suddenly becomes a load more efficient. Eeteuk's always been a good leader but as a woman, she can do that brilliant thing called multi-task and manages to taste Ryeowook's cooking, find Donghae's underwear and yell at Heechul all at the same time. Her you will do what I say right now or else! look works so much better as a woman, and she even scares Kangin into doing exactly what she says just by glaring at him. It's a wonderful five days in which everyone knows exactly what they're doing, where everything is, and where they're going.

"It's just not the same," says Donghae miserably.

Everything might have worked better but the band feel that they're just not Super Junior if they haven't left someone behind.


Kibum comes as a shock. Everything that was masculine about Kibum gets flipped around and turned completely feminine. Where once there were arms and teeth to draw attention, now attention is drawn to legs that were surely not that long when Kibum was a guy, and hair that is in strangely good condition. Kibum as a girl is also shy. She doesn't have the sex quality to fall back on like she did as a guy and so is a little unsure as to what's going on. Donghae doesn't help by deciding now would be a good time to take control and holds Kibum's hand everywhere they go and pays Kibum a lot of sweet compliments. Unfortunately this makes Kibum go all stuttery and she blushes like mad (and she is Not Happy about this when she turns back into a guy) and it's up to Donghae to slip one arm around her waist, fingers rubbing against her hip, and pull her into his bedroom.

"I can't sleep," is what Heechul says when he crawls into Hankyung's bed at three am, elbow jerking straight into Hankyung's stomach. "They're still going at it."

After a week of never seeing Donghae or Kibum, they eventually raid Kibum's dorm, find the both of them there, and then find out that Kibum turned back into a boy three days earlier.

Tags: !5 times, fandom: super junior, pairing: hankyung/heechul, pairing: kibum/donghae, pairing: siwon/sungmin
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