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Super Junior {bandfic ; Boys' Generation (3/3)}

Title: Boys' Generation (3/3)
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Tablo/Eunhyuk, Siwon/Sungmin, Yehsung/Ryeowook, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Hankyung/Heechul
Word count: 870
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Final adventures of Super Junior as girls
A/N: idk I think I'd like a boyfriend like Siwon. lol understatement of the century. ummm thank you to anyone who helped me with the characterizations ♥ it's hard to work out what to make them do :\ I have no idea if Shindong likes the songs mentioned, but I do. Appropriate icon is appropriate.

Boys' Generation (3/3)


The first time Eunhyuk dances as a girl, there is a long, long, awkward silence. Everyone is horrified to find that it's even worse than Donghae, except, of course, Eunhyuk just blushes and sort of huddles in on herself instead of making a spectacle. The thing is, Donghae then takes it upon himself to teach Eunhyuk how to use her body to her advantage, and Sungmin goes out and gets Sunny in to teach Eunhyuk how high heels work. Eunhyuk then ends up even more insecure because she begins to feel that on some level, she somehow makes a better girl than a boy and she doesn't like it at all, and all that she really wants to do is just wear oversized t-shirts and sit in her bedroom eating ice cream and watching dramas (okay, porn). Donghae and Sungmin call in the big guns.

"Eunhyuk?" Tablo blinks at her. "Wow, you look amazing."

Eunhyuk floats around on cloud nine for the rest of the time she's a girl.


Sungmin is the one that they dreaded, because they just knew that Sungmin would make too good a girl, and they were mostly right. She wears oversized sweaters and her old boxer briefs and wanders around eating ice cream because it's so hot, and the others will agree that it gets very hot in the room whenever Sungmin walks in. It's worse than Donghae because Sungmin knows exactly what she's doing, and she does it well. She finds a new affinity for high heels. She finds that she looks best with her hair in curls. Bootylicious becomes her new favourite song because it fits. Siwon treats her like spun glass, like if he holds her too tight, she's going to snap in his arms, clean in half. He brings her flowers one day and she throws herself at him and it's no longer awkward to have her legs around his waist and his hands supporting her, like it kind of was when she was a guy. The flowers lie forgotten on the floor.

"I am disgusted by them," Heechul announces. "Disgusted. Why don't you buy me flowers, Hankyung?"

Sungmin adores being treated like a princess, but eventually gets on her knees to prove that she's not the delicate flower Siwon appears to think she's become.


Yehsung's habits cause awkwardness at the best of times, but as a girl, they cause awkwardness in the worst possible way. When Yehsung was a boy, they woke up when he crawled into bed with them in order to scream at him, but as a girl, the first time she crawls into Donghae's bed, Donghae moans in his sleep and pulls her on top of him and hugs her close. That time, it's Yehsung who yells. Ryeowook is annoyed with both of them for the rest of the day, meaning that neither of them get any of the food that he makes. Yehsung is like the creepy older sister of your best friend. They try desperately to avoid her, and even Ryeowook remains unsure. The thing is, there's something disturbing about seeing the girl comforting the boy.

"I'm locking myself in my room until Yehsung turns back," Heechul decides. "Who wants to join me?"

Everyone, apparently, and he throws them all out because what the fuck, he wasn't being serious.


Most of them changed into girls while they sleep, but Kyuhyun did it in the middle of playing Starcraft because he stayed up all night and she has no idea exactly when it happened. She's slim hipped, perfectly formed, super model proportions, and infinitely sexy. It's therefore disappointing that she refuses to do anything even remotely girly. Instead, she sits in her room in jogging pants and plays video games, just like before. The person who is most disappointed by this is not Zhou Mi, funnily enough, who just sort of goes along with it because Kui Xian is very stubborn. No, the person who is most disappointed is Sungmin, who failed to get Kyuhyun to wear a skirt and is now stuck sharing a room with her, the fact that she can't see Kyuhyun's legs a constant reminder of her lack of success.

"Just because I've got knockers doesn't mean anything is different," says Kyuhyun.

Except, of course, Zhou Mi tops.


Shindong takes the whole thing with a calm, stoic manner. She figures that it was going to happen at some point and why not now, just to get it over with? She goes to dance practise and does all the normal things that an idol should do and doesn't change her clothes or hairstyle or do anything girly. The only thing that he does do is try extra hard at doing the dances to all the newest girl groups. She manages to learn Genie and Abracadabra before she turns back, and goes around singing Vogue Girl because she finally is a di li di di di it girl. It annoys Heechul, which was what it was supposed to do. Shindong is smug, because even when Heechul was a girl, she couldn't move her hips like Shindong could even as a guy.

"Your life is tragic," she tells Heechul.

But Shindong's life is very, very good.

Tags: !5 times, fandom: super junior, pairing: hankyung/heechul, pairing: kyuhyun/zhou mi, pairing: siwon/sungmin, pairing: tablo/eunhyuk, pairing: yehsung/ryeowook
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