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Super Junior/f(x) {Henry/Amber ; Diet Soda Kisses}

Title: Diet Soda Kisses
Fandom: Super Junior, SHINee, f(x)
Pairing: Henry/Amber, with Jonghyun/Key, Jinki/Jessica and slight Minho/Taemin
Word count: 3,299
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Amber drinks beer like a pro, despite the fact that Henry is pretty sure she's underage.
A/N: this is for jecca_o9, whose birthday it is today \o/ this wasn't what I was planning on posting (the third part of the Jongkey delinquent fic, which should be up by the end of the week) but then I remembered that she's wanted Henber fic for quite a while so I started this kind of late last night. it's another case of a drabble turned long with lots of random pairings thrown in just for the hell of it. I hope you like it ;~;

Diet Soda Kisses

Henry isn't the greatest fan of parties. It's not that he doesn't like to drink, and it's certainly not that he doesn't know how to have fun. It's just that there's something artificial about parties. Push a bunch of people in a room, give them a load of alcohol, and watch them convince themselves that they're having fun. It's a little pathetic and he'd much rather just sit around eating pizza and watching movies.

When he tells Jonghyun this, Jonghyun blinks at him and says, "Dude, it's one of Kim Heechul's parties. You don't turn down an invitation to one of those things."

"Party," Henry wants to know, "or orgy?"

"Neither is a bad thing." Jonghyun grins at him in his reflection in the mirror, carefully arranging pieces of hair so that it looked perfectly windswept. "I've been to one of them before, they're cool. Everyone will be talking about it. You can't skip on this, Henry."

"Fine, but you're ironing my shirt for me."

Jonghyun raises an eyebrow. "I got Kibum to do mine," he says.

Fifteen minutes later, Kibum hands over Henry's shirt saying, "I can't believe you called me over here just to iron Henry's shirt."

"Don't be like that," Jonghyun says, catching him around the waist and pulling him close. Kibum huffs and rolls his eyes but doesn't pull away. When Henry comes out of his room five minutes later, shirt on, hair combed, shoes in his hand, they're making out against the edge of the kitchen counter. Henry rolls his eyes and pulls Jonghyun back by the collar.

"So I think we're just staying here," Jonghyun says brightly.

"Oh no," Henry growls at him. "We're going to this goddamn party."

"Yes," says Kibum. "I did not iron your shirts for nothing."

Jonghyun pouts.

The party is not a complete bust, Henry allows that. Of course, it was never going to be a bust, because it's one of Kim Heechul's parties, and like Jonghyun said, they're one of the most talked about things on campus. Social reputations can be made or broken at Kim Heechul's parties; simply getting an invitation Means Something. Not that Henry was personally invited. Jonghyun had somehow managed to become one of Heechul's friends, Henry did not even know how, and so the invitation had been for "Jonghyun and two friends". Henry was the second friend.

Still, he knows more people here than he'd realised he would. There are a lot of upper classmen, Donghae he knows from dance class, Eunhyuk he knows less so. Taemin from the same club is here too, but when he asked how he was invited, Taemin says that he doesn't know either and that Heechul-hyung said something about cloning. Minho gives him a nod and then takes Taemin's drink away from him.

Jonghyun and Kibum are dancing and Henry is standing in the corner by himself for a few minutes before he spots Jinki on the other side of the room with a gorgeous girl with strawberry blonde hair. Henry decides that standing with Jinki will be better than standing by himself and so forces his way over. As he gets closer he sees that Jinki keeps staring at the girl with this vaguely dumbstruck look on his face. Jonghyun had mentioned something about possibly meeting Jinki's new girlfriend at the party, a girl who was apparently good friends with Kim Heechul. If that's her, then Henry can well understand the dumbstruck look. She's out of the leagues of a good 90% of the university population.

"Hi, Henry," Jinki says, running a hand through his hair. He looks ridiculously nervous. "You're, uh, here with Jonghyun, right?"

"Yeah, he's dancing." The blonde girl has her eyes slanted so that she's never away from glancing distance of Jinki. She clearly likes him. The wonders of the world will never end. "With Kibum."

"Ah." Jinki lets his hand fall to his side. "Jessica, this is Henry, he's Jonghyun's roommate."

"The Canadian one, right?" Jessica asks in perfect English, hand held out. Henry takes it and shakes. "I'm Jessica. I'm Jinki's girlfriend." She blushes a little as she says it, like she still can't believe it. Jinki clearly can't either.

"Nice to meet you."

"This is Krystal," she says, motioning to the girl that Henry had missed the first time. She's got long black hair, wearing a pretty pink dress, and smiles at him but then her attention is back on the dance floor. "She's my sister. This is Amber, she's Krystal's friend."

The third girl had been leaning against a snack table, biting the rim of a can of soda, but looks over when she hears her name. "Did someone say something?" she asks, also in perfect English.

Henry barely hears what she says though, because she is the coolest looking girl he has ever laid eyes on. She's wearing grey skinny jeans, a Kings of Leon t-shirt over another white shirt, a number of chunky bracelets and a baseball cap. Her hair is cut short on one side, while the long side falls over her eyes. She's not pretty, exactly, not like Jessica, but she is fascinating, and Henry has always liked that effect more.

"This is Henry, Amber. Jonghyun's roommate."

"Oh, right." Amber straightens up and waves at him, a grin on her face. "Key's douche boyfriend."

"...You know Kibum?" Henry asks. He probably should be challenging the douche boyfriend comment, but he lives with Jonghyun and he knows how true it is. "How?"

"We share an apartment with another girl. You've never been over?"

"No," Henry says, fiddling with his can of beer. "He says Jonghyun and I are a black hole of mess and we're not allowed to set foot in his apartment together."

Amber laughs. She brings one hand up to cover her mouth with the back of her palm as she does so. "Yeah, that sounds like Key. Sometimes when he annoys us, Nicole and I will leave our underwear lying around. You should see his face. It's like he's torn between being pissed at the mess and freaking out over girl's underwear right in front of him."

Henry starts to laugh, because he can well imagine that expression; it's probably related to the one that he gets on his face when he sleeps over and comes into the kitchen to find Henry sitting in his underwear eating cereal. That's not a good experience for either of them though.

Also, he's had entirely too little alcohol to be thinking about the underwear of a girl he's literally just been introduced to.

Jinki clears his throat. "You do realise I have no idea what any of you are saying," he says in Korean. Jessica smiles, touches him on the arm, and Jinki spills most of his drink on himself. Flushing bright red, he excuses himself. After a moment Jessica follows him, calling out that it's okay, orange juice is his colour. Krystal sighs and tells Amber that she's going to the bathroom.

Amber smiles at Henry. "You want to get a drink?"

Henry doesn't even have to think about it. "Sure."

Amber drinks beer like a pro, despite the fact that Henry is pretty sure she's underage. There's no messing around with her, just a bottle of beer that she plays with as she sits on the sofa next to Henry. "Thank God something interesting showed up," she says, flashing him a smile. "I was going to have to drag Key away from his plaything and that's never a fun experience."

"Go for Jonghyun," Henry advises. "He's less clingy."

"You sound experienced."

"Sometimes they kiss against the fridge when I'm trying to make dinner," he says with a shrug.

She grins, takes a swig of beer. "So you're from Canada? How long have you been in Korea for?"

"Four years. Moved here for the last year of high school. I'd say that it was because I wanted to see more of the world but," he smiles sheepishly, "really it's just that this university has a really good music program."

"Music major?" Henry nods. "So you're, what, a junior?" Another nod. "You don't look so old," she teases.

"What about you?" he asks, beer half held to his mouth. "What are you, a freshman?"

"Sophomore, actually," she says with terrible poise. "Math major. A proper subject."

"If by proper you mean, will bore you to tears, then yeah, that's a proper subject." She doesn't answer, just smiling softly, and he takes the chance to look at her profile. How can she be so imperfect, yet he can't take his eyes off her? Plus, a Math major. He doesn't know any Math majors. He only knows other music students (like Jonghyun) and a fashion design major (Key, with a minor in English). He doesn't really know anyone who studies a "proper" subject. Unless you count Jinki, but no one really counts Philosophy as a proper subject.

"What about you?" he asks. "How did you learn English?"

"Grew up in LA," she says. Immediately Henry's brain starts singing California Girls, but he only gets to "bikinis on top" before it goes "hur hur" and stops working. "I've got some family living in Korea so I applied here, plus some schools in America, plus some in China."

"Why China?"

"My family is originally Chinese." If Henry listened closely, he could probably hear his heart pining. "Eventually I decided to go here. Krystal and her family were moving back over here anyway so I figured, what the hell."

"Krystal -- Jessica's sister?"

"Yeah, that's her. She's going to be a regular heart breaker, I wasn't going to miss out on that."

If Henry wasn't very careful, then Amber was probably going to end up breaking his heart.

Two drinks later, Henry is pleasantly buzzed. Jessica had come around earlier and sternly told Amber that she was to stop drinking. Amber had sighed about it and asked if Jessica was her mother, to which Jessica had said, "No, but I'm the closest thing to an older sister and this is one of the perks of the job."

Henry had been more than a little disappointed by this rule being put in place because he'd quite liked watching the way that Amber's lips pursed around the neck of the bottle, but at the same time, thoughts like that never went good places when there was alcohol fueling them, so he sat drinking his beer slowly, and she sat sipping at her diet soda. It was pretty quiet between them for a while, but Henry didn't think it was uncomfortable.

The fifth time he looked over at her, their eyes met. He was all set to look away quickly, worried that she'd think he'd been staring (which he had, but she didn't need to know that), but before he could she smiled, slowly, lowering her can of coke. "Hey," she said. "Give me some of your beer."

"What, no. Jessica said you--"

"Who cares what Jessica-unni said. She doesn't know how to have fun."

After about two seconds of her grinning at him, Henry relented and handed over his can. She tipped her head back as she drank, so that his eyes were drawn to the smooth line of her throat. When she handed it back, he avoided her eyes. She tucked her legs up underneath her. It seemed to bring her body a little closer to his. "Thanks," she said.

"No problem," said Henry weakly.

"So do you specialise in vocal or instrumental music?" she asked. This random question threw Henry off so that he just stared blankly at her for a good minute. "In your major," she clarified. "Like, I know Jonghyun's a vocal arts music major."

"Oh! No, I'm instrumental."

"Which instrument?"


The second he says it, he sees her eyes flit down to his hands. He has to force himself to stop fiddling because maybe then she'll think he's nervous; or worse, that he's bored. When she looks back up, she's got this weird smile on her face. He's never had anyone look like that before after he told them which instrument he plays.

"I'd ask about your major," he says, "but then I know nothing about Maths."

"It's not like it's very exciting," Amber says, shrugging. "Most people think I'm crazy, but I like it. It's just, you know, something I like. Like how you like music and Key likes touching fabric examples."

"And Jonghyun likes singing in the shower."

"Right," she laughs. "I don't know how you live with him. He's just so, I don't know."

"I agree, but you get used to it. I put up with him narrating everything he does with a song, and he puts up with me practising my violin at two o'clock in the morning when I can't sleep."

"Sounds like a match made in hell."

"Though I'm glad he's going out with Kibum now. Back in first year he was always getting the girls that I was going after. Being the wingman gets tough after a while."

That smile comes back on her face. It's a little wry, a little shy, but also quite knowing. "You can't have much trouble getting girls," she says.

He coughs with embarrassment. "Well, not really. But Jonghyun has a knack of getting in there first. Plus his Korean is better than mine."

"Girls don't find the language barrier attractive?"

"Possibly, but it makes asking for phone numbers a little difficult."

She rests her arm against the back of the sofa casually. "There's no language barrier here."

He swallows. "No."

"So are you going to ask for my number?"

He sets his can of beer on the coffee table. His phone feels like it's burning a hole in his thigh in his pocket. "It depends if you'll give it to me if I ask."

He swears that it's not just his brain making shit up and that she does actually shift closer. "That's not how it works. Live a little, Henry. Take the risk."

He can't help it; he moves forward too. "What's your number, then?"

"4452593748," she says, right before he slides his hand around the back of her neck and tugs her forward into a kiss. He's not really sure why he does it, other than the fact that she's there and he's been wanting to do it for about two hours now. He hasn't had enough to drink to blame it on that. He just really badly wanted to kiss her.

The angle of their heads forces her cap up, so he pulls it off so that he can feel her hair against his fingers. Her hand trails up his arm before coming to a stop against his shoulder. He tugs her a little closer and slides his tongue past her lips. She tastes like diet coke. He's never realised how distinctive that can be on someone's mouth.

He thinks she says something, or maybe it's just a noise that she makes, but he pulls away and says, "I've been wanting to do that all night."

"Yeah, I'd guessed," she says. She looks a little breathless, skin pink across the nose. He wants to kiss her again but first he pulls out his phone, types in her number, and saves it before he can forget. She watches him, leaning against the back of the sofa again. Her eyes are lowered, watching his hands again. When he's finished, he puts his phone away and looks at her.

"So," he says.

"Just kiss me again," she says, rolling her eyes and smiling at him.

Jonghyun and Kibum stumble into the apartment at 3am, while Henry is watching a late night quiz show. He's still too buzzed to sleep, but not necessarily off the alcohol. "You just left," Jonghyun accuses. He's trying to take his shoes off and keep hold of Kibum's hand at the same time. "We wasted fifteen minutes trying to find you."

"Yeah, I was, well, I was hanging with someone but they had to leave. I couldn't find you so I just came home."

Kibum seems pretty drunk. He bangs into the corner of the kitchen unit and curses at it while he's trying to get a glass of water. Jonghyun watches him fondly, then grins at Henry. "You mean that girl you were making out with?"

Henry jumps guiltily. "Uh, yeah. You saw that?"

"When I was getting a drink. I couldn't see her face though, your head was kind of in the way. Who was it?"

Henry waves at Kibum. "His flatmate. Amber."

Jonghyun's mouth falls open. Kibum drops his glass of water, where it smashes on the floor. Neither of them pay that any attention though. "You!" Kibum splutters. "She's seventeen, you pervert."

Henry laughs, not sure if they're playing a joke on him. "You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm fucking not."

"But she said she was a sophomore!" he cries.

"So she's a genius, she tested in early! She's still seventeen."

"I hope they arrest you," Jonghyun says. He looks like he's enjoying this far too much.

"I hope someone punches you one day," Henry retaliates. He sinks back into the sofa, feeling like he's about to die. Jonghyun guides Kibum away from the broken glass and grabs the brush from the side to sweep the glass away. Henry watches him and then moans, "What am I going to do?"

"Nothing," says Kibum promptly. He grabs a bottle of water from the fridge, clearly deciding that's safer, and waves it at Henry's face. "You can't do anything with my flatmate, that would just be weird."

Henry pulls a pillow to his face and yells into it in frustration. He can hear Jonghyun laughing at him all the way up the hallway.

From: Henry
To: Amber
Sent: 20/10/2010; 03.24
you failed to mention that you were only 17.

From: Amber
To: Henry
Sent: 20/10/2010; 03.27
you didn't ask

Henry groans and flails a little on his bed. He hasn't been expecting her to text back that soon. The thought of her being awake plays on his mind for a couple of moments. Maybe she's lying in bed too, though she probably isn't going through the same mental gymnastics that he's going through.

In the last ten minutes, he'd tried rationalising it to himself that it was okay, he hadn't known. At the same time though, he'd known she was young, or at least younger than him, by the way that Jessica had stopped her from drinking. Four years wasn't such a big age gap, but then, the gap between seventeen and twenty-one was big. Eventually he'd just grabbed his phone and sent the accusing text.

He's still for a while, thinking about how he's supposed to reply. Kibum had been pretty firm but then it wasn't like Henry was dating Kibum, it wasn't his balls that was on a leash. Henry could do what he liked -- no pun intended. But he really doesn't know what to do here. The thing was, he had really liked her, more than anyone in a long while.

His phone vibrates next to him.

From: Amber
To: Henry
Sent: 20/10/2010; 03.36
i thought if i told you, you'd run scared. sorry.

He sighs. Fuck it.

From: Henry
To: Amber
Sent: 20/10/2010; 03.40
meet me outside the union at 7pm tomorrow. we'll go for chinese food. yeah, that's a date.

From: Amber
To: Henry
Sent: 20/10/2010; 03.42
Tags: !one shot, au: general, fandom: f(x), fandom: shinee, fandom: super junior, pairing: henry/amber, pairing: jonghyun/key, pairing: minho/taemin, pairing: onew/jessica
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