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Running Man/Dream High/Infinite {drabbles}


basically I have had no time to do anything more than write quick drabbles on tumblr every now and then, so I figured I might as well compile them here! Well, it's three drabbles and the start of some AU that I just made up and which is never going to be worked on. I have a finished Yeoljong fic sitting in my gdocs but idk if I want to post it before I finish the AU that it's set in.

some notes:
- Joongsu is inspired by The Boys MV and was written for warmboys
- Dream High fic was for jecca_o9
- the two Infinite fics are based in my university!au. The second one is based on the fact that after they get together, Sungyeol and Sungjong don't sleep together for quite some time. This leads to uncomfortable situations for Sungyeol.

so here we go.

Song Joongki make you feel da heat; Running Man; Gwangsu/Joongki; 286 words.
Gwangsu replays the bit where Yuri tosses sand at the screen, and makes the Face.

“Don’t even—”

“Oops, my finger slipped,” Gwangsu says, and lays his phone face down on his desk while his finger “slips” and presses play on The Boys music video. Five minutes later he puts it on speaker to hear Joongki still cursing colourfully at him. “Oh my god,” Gwangsu says in a hushed voice.

Joongki stops. “What,” he asks in a bitter tone. “Is she half-naked or something? Could you see up her skirt?”

“You sound ugly jealous,” Gwangsu says, then, “I don’t understand why you don’t understand. She is flawless. She’s wearing this gold dress and I want to take her to a dinner party at the Ritz and have her drink champagne with crystals in the bottom of the glass.”

“Sure, Mr Sitcom, sure,” Joongki snorts. “How’s Sunny?”

“There.” Gwangsu replays the bit where Yuri tosses sand at the screen, and makes the Face.

“You’re making the Face, aren’t you,” Joongki says.

“Yes,” Gwangsu says. He just about manages to avoid stroking the screen.

“Well stop, there are more important things at hand.”

“Girls bring the boys out,” Gwangsu sings, restarting the video over again so that he can actually pay attention to all those girls who aren’t Yuri.


“Girls’ Generation make you feel da heat~”

“I am still naked here.”

A sudden onslaught of mental images makes Gwangsu stop the video so fast he almost pulls a muscle in his finger. “I thought you were wearing, you know, underwear.” Or he had, before Gwangsu had noticed the music video had been uploaded.

“I took them off while you were watching that girl who chose Yoo Jaesuk over you.”

“…Naked, you said.”


Gwangsu shuts his laptop and picks up his phone.

Howdy Partner; Dream High; Jason/Pilsuk; 428 words
In which Pilsuk is a mafia daughter, Jason is her father's right hand man, and eventually they team up and kick some ass.

Jason last saw Kim Pilsuk a year ago. She’s the boss’s daughter, a sweet kid a couple years younger than him, with an amazing vocal talent but a serious weight problem that made her father shake her head and despair at ever making a decent match. Jason barely gave the girl a second thought, except to notice that she had a good personality and probably would land a good husband merely through the power of her family background.

But she’s not really on his radar. He’s the right hand man to one of the most powerful mafia leaders in Korea and in general, the man’s daughter isn’t his priority. She has her own bodyguards and her own entourage, and for the past year she’s been studying music in America and so he hasn’t laid eyes on her.

Her father was supposed to meet her when she arrived back in Korea but at the last moment he’s called away to a meeting with one of their Japanese contacts and so Jason is sent in his place. He sits for a couple of hours on a hard plastic chair drinking weak, tasteless coffee, because of course her flight is delayed, and then when it finally lands he wanders over to departures.

Lee Jieun, the name on the card says, her alter-ego that she’s been going by while she was in America. She’d made an passionate plea with her father to let her go and live a normal life for just a little while. Jason thought at the time that it was stupid. She wasn’t a normal person, she was the heir to a mafia family, and the music degree was just a pointless waste of time. He feels even more stupid standing here with the card.

The people on flight 546 from New York start coming through; a middle aged American couple, Korean families, one guy looking suspiciously similar to a rather famous pop-star, a young stylishly dressed girl. This last one walks straight up to him. She’s slim, with long brown hair and huge brown eyes, wearing jeans and a scarf tossed artfully around her neck.

She’s very pretty, just his type, but familiar in a vague sort of a way, and he’s trying to work out why that is when she suddenly hugs him. He’s so startled that he doesn’t even think to go for his gun in case she’s a threat. Instead, he just drops the card he’s holding.

“Jason-oppa,” she says warmly, pulling back and smiling at him. “It’s been a long time.”

He gapes intelligently.

A equals; Infinite; university!au; Woohyun/Sunggyu, bandfic; 261 words
yeah, we can't find him. He left a note saying that he left and isn't that drunk, with what appears to be an attempt at the quadratic formula for proof. He also wrote down his number and left his phone by the note.

There was a long, confusing moment in which Sungyeol tried to call his apartment to see if Woohyun had stumbled home, and Sunggyu stared at the note they had been left and tried to work out why it seemed so wrong.

“He can’t be far,” Sungjong said, wrapping his arms around Sungyeol’s waist and resting his head against the shoulder that didn’t have a phone in the vicinity. “I mean, he doesn’t like walking at the best of times, never mind while drunk.”

“He could get on a bus,” Dongwoo suggested, not very helpfully. “He’s always talking about how beautiful Chungcheong is at this time of year.”

“He wouldn’t go home,” Sungyeol said, sounding horrified, “not while he’s drunk, his mother would throw him out of the house.”

“He’s drunk,” Hoya said. “He’s not going to think about that.”

“What if he never comes back?” Sungyeol asked, sounding honestly horrified. “I need him to pay the rent!”

Not coming back was a possibility; finals were less than a week away and Woohyun had three design projects due in on the same day. Sunggyu had walked into his bedroom the day before and found him sitting on his bed under his covers refusing to come out.

In theory, Sunggyu should have been the one to worry most of all about where Woohyun had disappeared to. In reality, he simply sighed and said, “He forgot the four. Did I teach him nothing last semester?”

“He learnt that stuff to get into your pants,” Sungyeol said. “Is it any wonder he’s forgotten it now?”

well this was a mistake; Infinite; university!au; Sungyeol/Sungjong; 164 words
Tickle wars 95% of the time end up in sex

Sungyeol regrets initiating a tickle war while they wait for the water to boil, because all that happens is that he gets turned on while straddling Sungjong’s hips, hands digging into Sungjong’s side and Sungjong bucking wildly underneath him to throw him off. Sungjong, for his part, doesn’t seem to have noticed.

The way Sungjong is shrieking “Hyung!” at him really isn’t helping either.

Quietly, Sungyeol rolls off and onto his back on the floor, focusing his breathing in one of those exercises that Woohyun tried to teach him and which don’t really work (of course they don’t, Woohyun has had no need of them at all in his life). Sungjong, surprised by this sudden freedom, rolls half on top, trying to tickle Sungyeol back, catches the look on Sungyeol’s face, and his hands still right above Sungyeol’s stomach. He very kindly does not look down.

“Sorry,” he murmurs.

“It’s okay,” Sungyeol says. “I’m more bothered that my coffee will be cold by now.”

i'm doing nanowrimo this year! and i'm writing infinite fic! going to fail horribly out of life urgh
Tags: !drabble, au: mafia, au: university, fandom: dream high, fandom: infinite, fandom: running man, pairing: gwangsu/joongki, pairing: jason/pilsook, pairing: sungyeol/sungjong, pairing: woohyun/sunggyu

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