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Super Junior {Hankyung/Heechul ; crossdressing}

lol did I say I couldn't write this au any more? I must be ~inspired~ somehow.

Heechul / Hankyung / crossdressing / PG / 713 words

“Hey,” said Hankyung, a little surprised, as Heechul got off the bus in front of him. “You’re wearing jeans.”

“I know I am,” said Heechul with a definite roll of the eyes.

“Huh,” said Hankyung. “They look nice.”

“Of course they do,” said Heechul. “Now are you going to sit there for the rest of the day and stare? I actually have plans, things I want to do.”

“And I’ve only been waiting for half an hour,” said Hankyung, catching hold of his hand as Heechul made to move away. He pulled him back so he could walk comfortably next to him, ignoring the huff of air that he let out. “What took you so long, anyway? I was just about to ring you.”

“I couldn’t decide what to wear,” said Heechul, avoiding his eyes.

“Well, that makes sense,” said Hankyung. “You do have twice as many clothes as me.”

Heechul was – well, saying ‘acting weird’ was probably just stupid, because Heechul acted weird compared to the rest of the world all the time. Heechul was quiet, walking slowly and showing no interest in the shopping trip that he’d suggested. After around half an hour he announced that he was bored and threw himself down onto the nearest bench.

Hankyung came closer to him cautiously. “Is something wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing’s wrong,” snapped Heechul.

“It’s just, you’re being a bit strange,” said Hankyung, and sat down next to him.

“I’m not strange,” said Heechul, a sudden venom in his voice. “Don’t call me strange.”

Hankyung didn’t say anything, just leant back for a minute, until Heechul sighed and said, “Don’t you want to know why I’m wearing jeans?”

Hankyung raised an eyebrow. “There’s a reason?” he asked. “I didn’t – I thought you just felt like wearing them. They look nice.”

“It’s because they’re made for men,” said Heechul. Hankyung blinked at him, not really getting what he meant. “Are you being purposely stupid or – wait, no, you’re always like that.”

“Is the fact that they’re for men supposed to mean something to me?” Hankyung gave him a look which said quite clearly that he thought he was mad; Heechul glared at him.

“Do you really think they look good?” he asked.

“Of course,” said Hankyung. “Heechul, you could wear a bin liner with a tea cosy on your head and still look hot.”

“But they aren’t girl jeans,” said Heechul.

“But you aren’t a girl,” said Hankyung. “Of course they look nice!”

“I worry, sometimes,” said Heechul, voice changing abruptly, suddenly tense. “If you liked me because you thought I was a girl, then – do you really like me when I wear clothes meant for boys?”

“Well that’s stupid,” said Hankyung before he could stop himself. Heechul’s glare was pure venom; Hankyung realised that he had actually angered him. He just shrugged. “Well, it is,” he said. “Of course I like you dressed like a boy.”

“You didn’t to begin with,” said Heechul. “When you first found out I was a boy, you barely looked at me.”

“Yeah, but that was me working through my sexuality,” said Hankyung. “Sure, to begin with, I didn’t like that you were a boy and I was attracted to you, so I didn’t want to look at you. But that was then. It’s different now.”

“Oh,” said Heechul, looking unconvinced.

“Anyway, those jeans look incredibly hot.” It was true: Hankyung kind of wanted to just go home and take Heechul out of them.

“Right,” said Heechul, and then scowled at him. “Don’t call me stupid.”

“I didn’t call you stupid,” said Hankyung. “I said the idea was stupid.”

“It means the same thing,” said Heechul. “Don’t argue with me.” Hankyung just sighed, amused, and then Heechul stood up, flicking his hair over his shoulder. “Are you just going to sit there or are we going to actually do some shopping?”

“Fuck I’m so whipped,” said Hankyung, standing up. Heechul grinned at him, and Hankyung kissed him hard. “I cannot believe you thought I wouldn’t like you dressed a boy. You’re having me on, right? You know perfectly well how hot you look in that outfit.”

“Well of course,” said Heechul smugly. “But it might not have been hot for you.”

“Ha!” said Hankyung, and kissed him again.
Tags: !drabble, au: high school, fandom: super junior, pairing: hankyung/heechul

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