the golden bitch (umberela) wrote in inkin_brushes,
the golden bitch

VIXX {n/leo ; child of light}

Title: child of light
Fandom: VIXX (AU, !vampire)
Pairing: leo/n
Word count: 10,800
Rating: R (for prolific use of the word "fuck" and a brief flashback to sexy times)
Summary: Hakyeon has a plan, but the rest of the world doesn’t seem willing to go along with it.
A/N: This was originally going to be quite longer, but i decided to cut it short rather than try and stuff too many events into one update. SO. This update isn’t as exciting as was originally planned, but i still think it might make you a little wibbly (◡‿◡✿)

If you haven’t read the previous installments of this au you’re not gonna know wtf is going on. As usual, this picks up right where the previous installment left off, so if you’ve forgotten you might wanna go refresh yourself. I DON’T DO NO RECAP SHIT.

( I am following your lead on this, because you make a lot of bad decisions and come out of them fine )

***the cut text is a link that will take you to ao3.
Tags: au: vixx!vampire, pairing: n/leo, rating: r
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