the golden bitch (umberela) wrote in inkin_brushes,
the golden bitch

VIXX {various pairings ; shatter me}

Title: shatter me
Fandom: VIXX (AU, !vampire)
Pairing: leo/n, ravi/hongbin
Word count: 4,584
Rating: R (for language, mostly, and some adult themes)
Summary: "Finally up?" Wonshik asked, intent on getting Hongbin a bag of blood. "I suppose you're hungry."
A/N: Sorry for the one day delay guys! I woke up feeling like death yesterday, and then I had to go into work and it was just bleh. But yes, here is the third fic. It's pretty short, but I think a lot of people are going to yell at me over it anyway oops. There's vague hyuk/ken in this just like there was in the last fic but I don't feel like I can put them in the pairing list as of now.

( Where Wonshik had come to expect Hongbin's echo, Jaehwan's voice came instead. )

***the cut text is a link that will take you to ao3.
Tags: au: vixx!vampire, pairing: n/leo, pairing: ravi/hongbin, rating: r
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